2023 FAIR DATE: July 6-9, 2023

Lodi Youth Horse Fun Day Show – Dept. 600

Sunday, July 10, 2022

Entry Deadline June 22, 2022, via the Fair’s Blue Ribbon Online Entry


$5.00 per lot entry fee – payable day of show

NO refunds & NO lot changes after 6/22/22.


Registration 7:30 AM; Show begins at 8:30 AM


Bring 1 original and 1 copy of 2022 coggins along with check/cash entry fee.

Department 600, Class A Lot #
  1. Tiny Tot Showmanship – all disciplines *
  2. Jr. Jr. Showmanship – all disciplines
  3. Jr. Showmanship – all disciplines
  4. Senior Showmanship – all disciplines
  5. Leadline, 8 years and older, no other riding class
  6. Walk-Trot pleasure all ages – all disciplines **
  7. Walk-Trot Equitation for all ages- all disciplines**
  8. Tiny Tot Hunt Seat Equitation *
  9. Jr. Jr. Hunt Seat Equitation
  10. Jr. Hunt Seat Equitation
  11. Senior Hunt Seat Equitation
  12. Tiny Tot Pleasure- all disciplines *
  13. Jr. Jr. Pleasure- all disciplines
  14. Jr. Pleasure- all disciplines
  15. Senior Pleasure- all disciplines
  16. Tiny Tot Western Horsemanship *
  17. Jr. Jr. Western Horsemanship
  18. Jr. Western Horsemanship
  19. Senior Western Horsemanship
  20. Egg and spoon race
  21. Water race


* Tiny Tot classes are walk-trot only

** Tiny Tot walk-trot exhibitors cannot cross enter Jr. Jr. three gait classes with the same horse used in walk-trot classes.

*** Exhibitors may enter classes 6 & 7 and still show in the 3 gait classes for their age.


All rider ages as of January 1st of the current fair year:

Tiny Tots 8 – 10 years

Jr. Jr. 13 years & under

Jr. 14 – 16 years

Sr. 17 – 21 years

4-H Safety rules apply. All mounted riders MUST wear a helmet and boots.

NO UNSPORTSMANLIKE conduct will be tolerated!!

Judge reserves the right to combine classes of less than 5 entries or split classes of more than 15 entries.

The judge’s decision is final. No stallions, dogs, or alcoholic beverages allowed.

For more information contact Renee Smith – 4ross88@gmail.com or

Lodi Ag Fair Secretary – fairoffice@lodiagfair.com

NOTE: You must have a Premises ID on file with the Lodi Ag Fair in order to bring a horse on to the Lodi

Ag Fairgrounds. If your horse is boarded, you should use the stable’s Premises ID. For more information

on applying for a Premises ID go to www.wiid.org.