2023 FAIR DATE: July 6-9, 2023

Lodi Agricultural Fair Truck & Tractor Pull

Friday, July 8th, 2022 Starts: 6:30 pm-11 pm In the Fair Grandstands

Please join us for our annual Lodi Agricultural Fair Truck & Tractor Pull, hosted by the Lodi FFA Alumni. Our Pulling Classes include trucks, farm tractors, and the South-Central Wisconsin Tractor Pullers.

Class List:

Non-Santioned Classes:

Changes have been made since last year.  100% payout.  Registration starts at 4:30 pm.  $ 20 registration includes 2 pit passes, additional pit passes are $ 20 each.  Pit pass seating is in new designated area only.  Grandstand seating…$12/adults and Children’s Special ½ price tickets for children under the 42” ticket counter height only.



9,500 lb Non-Turbo 8 mph

10,500 lb Turbo Farm (10mph Limit)

12,500 lb Turbo Farm (12mph Limit)

16,000 Turbo Open Speed

Street Legal Trucks


South Central Wisconsin Tractor Pullers Classes:

5,000# Open – SCWTP

5,500# Naturally-Aspirated 8 mph – SCWTP

9,500# 466 Pro Farm- SCWTP

9,300# Super Farm – P.I.




  • All contestants enter at their own risk and will be required to sign a waiver. Anyone under 16 years old must bring his/her tractor safety certificate and have consent from parent/guardian.
  • Track is 300′ and will be run with a floating finish. Going outside of boundary lines will result in DQ.
  • No Jerking of the sled allowed.
  • Driver must remain seated for entire pull. No riders in pits or on track.
  • All weights must be secured to tractor, any weight lost during pull results in a DQ.
  • Puller must furnish their own twisted clevis or pullers eye (minimum 3″ hole, no straight clevis)
  • No consumption of alcohol by drivers prior to pulling.
  • Tech officials’ decision is FINAL!!!



  • No cut tires allowed.
  • Maximum drawbar height of 20″. Pinhole a minimum of 18″ from centerline of axle. Anyone pulling with hitch mounted to 3pt will be DQ’d if hitch moves during pull. Drawbar must be easily accessible.
  • All farm tractors must have factory fenders seats and tin work.
  • Stock configuration of tractor required.
  • Stock core block and fuel pump for farm classes required. No “P” or “A” pumps unless equipped from factory.
  • RPM limit for farm and altered classes is 3,000 RPM.
  • No water injection allowed in any non-sanctioned classes.



  • Weight will be 8000 lbs, additional weight allowed.  Must have weights secured.
  • Truck MUST BE SAFE. Unsafe trucks will be DQ’d and not allowed to pull.
  • Trucks must be Road Legal and Registered.
  • DOT tires required.


Contact for further information Kyle Koch at (608) 516-4907


Grandstand Prices:

Friday Truck/Tractor Pull….$12/adults and Children’s Special ½ price tickets for children under the 42” ticket counter height only.

Saturday Demo Derby……$12/adults and Children’s Special ½ price tickets for children under the 42” ticket counter height only.

Sunday Mad City Cornhole Tourney in the Grandstand.  Free to Spectators to view from Grandstand. Registration starts at 10 am and Bag Tossing at 11 am.  Preregistration Info is on the Corn Hole Tourney  Flyer.


  • Designated parking areas are provided on the Fairgrounds and it is $3.00/vehicle/day. From Fair Street, enter Gate 2 and parking is located behind the Grandstands. Handicap Parking is available. Please refer to the Fairgrounds Map under the INFO tab on this website for more info.
  • Truck and trailers will enter at the backside of the fairgrounds entrance off Hill Street for Gate 3 and 4.
  • Street parking is free, but watch for City of Lodi “NO PARKING” signs posted on Fair Street.

Grandstand Rule Updates
Please Read!

  • Due to our new Emergency Evacuation Planning, we can no longer allow baby strollers inside the Grandstand. 
  •  We now offer a stroller corral conveniently located near the Grandstand Entrance for the strollers to be parked in during our events.  It is free!
  • Due to beer sales in the Grandstand, if you have a PIT-PASS and want to sit in the Grandstand, you must surrender your PIT-PASS and will be given a hand stamp free of charge and allowed in the Grandstand.  You will not be able to go back into the Pits once you have surrendered your PIT-PASS.
  • Children’s Special ½ price tickets are only available for children under the 42” ticket counter height.
  • There is a designated “Family Seating” area for those with smaller children in the Grandstand.
  • Please, No Carry-Ins.