2024 FAIR DATE: July 11-14, 2024

Meat Animal Sale

Meat Animal Sale is held Saturday at 2pm in the Indoor Arena/Swine Barn with a live auctioneer and audience.

      Jr Livestock Exhibitors are given the opportunity to compete for a place in the Meat Animal Sale, if they have met all the requirements prior to the event.
      Please refer to the Meat Animal Sale Rules and Regulations in the Premium Book for further information.

      *The Meat Animal Sale will consist of 15 of each Beef, Lambs, Swine, as well as the top 2 eligible Meat Goats and small animals of Poultry and Rabbits; and for
      the Dairy Exhibitors, 4 Dairy baskets filled with dairy products will be auctioned off by the winners of the Dairy Show.  

      *The official judges will select the exhibited animals eligible for the sale. 

      *If a livestock exhibitor has more than one animal selected for the sale, that exhibitor will chose 1 to sell.
      Exhibitors are responsible to invite buyers to come to the sale to bid and purchase their animal.  Sale of species order rotates each year.